Sunday, August 17, 2014

Square Enix Promises to Release Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 “Around a Similar Date”

Final Fantasy 15 is still waiting on a March 2015 release date. Square Enix, the game developers, is currently working to release the upcoming installment to the popular series in all reputed gaming consoles, the likes of which include the PC, PS Twins and the Xbox One.

Originally announced at The Electronic Entertainment Expo – collectively known as E3 – 2013, Final Fantasy 15 promises to be entertaining. This game was expected to release sometime in 2014, although, the makers shifted to a later date as they thought that it created a financially viable situation.

In defense of this delay, Yosuka Matsuda, CEO, Square Enix, announced that the team is taking every precaution to ensure that the game keeps up to the expectations of the gaming fraternity.

Even though Square Enix reported a positive sales turnover for the first quarter of 2014, statistics indicated that the future would be dim. This could be a possible reason leading to the delay. However, regardless of the situation, the release date has been postponed, and that is all that matters at this moment.

Another interesting piece of rumor doing the rounds indicates that Final Fantasy 15 will either share its release date with Kingdom Hearts 3 or will share the same month. Releasing both games towards a similar deadline requires a lot of patience, dedication and hard work.

The game developers have been working full time to fulfill the promises made by the management. The team has been doing a balancing act quite well, juggling out facts and gaining traction along the way.

Gamers are anticipating something major from Square Enix at the moment. The company is bent on providing results. The combination looks promising for now!