Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Discover wraith relationships, as portrayed by Shadow of Mordor

Talion may be the poster child advertising Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, but he's not the only one seeking vengeance against the Dark Lord Sauron and his army of nasty creatures. In this behind-the-scenes video, meet Celebrimbor: an elven smith who helped create the Rings of Power and has since been cursed to exist as a wraith in eternal un-death.

Yeesh, no wonder he seems like a bit of a grumpy-pants.

Celebrimbor is played by Alastair Duncan, opposite Troy Baker as Talion. The two characters may have the same agenda, but they don't always agree about how to do it. To learn more about their ripe-for-sitcom-adaptation relationship - seriously, we can hear it in our heads already: "Taliooooooon!" *cue laugh track* - check out the new behind-the-scenes video above.

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