Monday, August 11, 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight' DLC: Red Hood and Harley Quinn as playable characters in new update

"Batman: Arkham Knight" DLC is going to be an exciting and quite an unexpected adventure for fans of the game. In an unanticipated twist, three characters with conflicting background stories have been included to boost the exhilaration offered by the updated version.
In a surprising move, makers of the "Batman: Arkham Knight" decided to put together Red Hood, Harley Quinn, and Batman as characters for the game.
The upcoming DLC is rumored to include a story missions involving the much loved Red Hood character. In addition, the game is speculated to provide players with the option to play as Jason Todd.
According to the Batman legend, Todd is the former Robin and regarded as the resurrected Red Hood. According to its manufacturers, the Red Hood DLC update will be included with the "Batman: Arkham Knight" pre-orders from the Rocksteady store. In this case, the Red Hood upgrade will be offered for free.

On the other hand, players who prefer to take the role of the villain known to have a crazy past would be given the opportunity to fulfill their inclination. A Harley Quinn DLC update is also purportedly going to be available. In this upgrade, the well known sidekick of the infamous villain Joker may be played as Gotham's new, albeit bewildering, trusted hero.
Unlike the Red Hood update, which is available upon pre-order of the "Batman: Arkham Knight" from Rocksteady, the Harley Quinn DLC upgrade will be sold in Amazon.
This arrangement is further confirmed by a promo image publicly released by Amazon, which supposedly informs its buyers that the Harley Quinn DLC update would be added to the "Batman: Arkham Knight" DLC as a playable character as opposed to merely playing the villain in the adventures.
Apart from these three additional playable characters, the "Batman: Arkham Knight" DLC will also feature antagonists such as Scarecrow, Penguin, Harley Quinn, and Two-Face.