Monday, August 11, 2014


Skyrim is a game so massive that you can explore the tundras for days and still not see everything. Even if you’ve slain every dragon, joined every guild, and completed every quest, the game is just full of secrets that might just slip you by. Here are 9 Skyrim Secrets you might not know about.

The Notched Pickaxe - Minecraft Easter Egg
Arguably the most classic of Skyrim secrets, it still deserves a mention for those who haven’t found it. Travel to Skyrim’s highest mountain peak, the Throat of the World, and climb to the top of the summit. Here you’ll find a very special Notched Pickaxeembedded in some malachite ore. This is a callback to the incredibly popular Minecraft, created by none other than Markus “Notch” Persson.

Infinite Arrow Trick
This little secret is a must for any archer thief. Find an NPC who often practices hisarchery against a target dummy, and pickpocket his arrows, replacing them with one arrow of high quality. The NPC will then shoot multiple arrows of that type at the target, letting you gather multiple arrows from the dummy.

The Chill: Winterhold’s Jail
The Chill represents one of Skyrim’s more sneakier secrets. It’s location is often missed, as its found almost off the north edge of the map, past the College of Winterhold. This cave is actually a jail for Winterhold, and being mages and all, they went and made a Frost Atronach as a guard. You can actually get sent here by getting arrested by a Winterhold guard, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Even if you escape, you’ll have to contend with three more Frost Atronachs waiting outside.

Hidden Peaks of Solstheim
These next few secrets can only be found with Skyrim’s final DLC expansion:Dragonborn. The DLC island of Solstheim has much to hide, like the 4 hidden peaks that represent some of the highest points of the island. You won’t even see this location icons on your display until you are nearly at the top of the peaks, and they require a bit of platforming to summit. If you reach the top, you’ll be able to fast travel back at any time for some amazing views.
Ride an Invincible Dragon
The Dragonborn DLC featured the ability to ride dragons, but what good is a dragon that’s just going to either die or turn on you? If you travel back to the Throat of the World after learning the new shout, you can summon your personal dragon to the ground from where he flies around the peak, and ride him wherever you please through fast traveling. Best of all, he’s an important NPC that can’t be killed, and he won’t turn on you like other tamed dragons.
The Ebony Knight
If you’ve never heard of the Ebony Warrior, don’t worry. You have to get to level 80 in Skyrim until this guy will show up on your doorstep, asking for one simple request: A duel to the death. This guy isn’t a pushover either: Entirely clad in enchanted ebony armor, he’s got everything from the best weapons to dragon shouts of his own! He’s easily one of the toughest enemies you’ll fight in the game, so don’t feel bad if you want to bring a friend...or a dragon.

The Spider Imbuing Chamber
The Dragonborn DLC also features a little known crafting area known as the Spider Imbuing Chamber. Once you’ve cleared White Ridge Barrow on the island of Solstheim, you’ll find a large crafting device that inputs gems and albino spider pods, and outputs throwable exploding spiders. You heard me. You can customize the effect of the spider with different gems, and stock up on spiders to truly become: Spiderborn.                                    
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