Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kingdom hearts 2 really really cooooool mod

In this mod u r able to play with world charechters cool right I mean like imagine playing with the beast or with simba that would be cool if u want to see it for your self watch video down bellow

I believe ur ps3 has to be hacked I know that because I have one and I u might also have to download the kingdom hearts 2 ISO or kingdom hearts 2 final mix English patched ISO they r all torrents or u can just play it on PC which means u will need an emulator that plays ps2 games I forgot the name of the emulator but remember Google is ur friend 

And don't forget the kingdom hearts 2.5 remix will be coming this year 

One again thnx for reading and remember this article was made by me KAIZOKU GAMER 

Hop u guys enjoyed